Ron Schubert

Welcome to our journey!   My wife, Dee, and I have realized for a while that we need to be healthier AND provide a better lifestyle for our family.   We have 4 children and we are proud grandparents of 3 beautiful grandchildren!   With a growing family we've struggled for years and decided it's time to do something about that!

I work for an Air Conditioning company.  Which means I work HARD out in the heat, in restaurant kitchens, on roof tops, crawling in atticks.....and for someone else.   My time is not my own and we live paycheck to paycheck.   Dee is home w/ our children so we are a one income family trying to survive.  

This AMAZING business opportunity is going to give us the ability to LIVE LIFE!   

If you would like to pay your bills on time, take family vacations or just a BETTER family vacation, put your kids through college, not worry about medical bills, buy a better car, or create your own version of a better life then this opportunity is for you!

Contact us now, and let us help you begin YOUR JOURNEY TO A BETTER LIFE!

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